I have the sads =( The girl that I was sharing the apartment with has left for home since her contract and internship both ended. She was the best roommate I've had in a very long time. The owner of the apartment was catty, miserable and just not a nice person. She would also flirt with my boyfriend when he'd visit and before he and I got together, she told me she was happy I was single. WTF?

The roommate before her was a disgusting animal that would spit lougies in the kitchen sink (eww!) and refused to clean his hair from the shower arguing that one a week was good enough. He also stole my food and would listen for my room door to open so that he could force me to have conversations with him even though I directly told him that I was unwilling to give him the attention that he wanted.

This one was so sweet, she would offer me her food and we could have really good debates with each other. Last night as she was packing, we discussed victim blaming and slut shaming and she made some really good points that helped me see both from totally different angles. Did I mention that she left a bunch of food in the fridge and gave me Lindt chocolates? I have no idea who will come in here next, but she set the bar pretty high and I am sad she didn't stay longer.